Disclaimer: Due to the number of comments that have been received it has been felt necessary to clarify that this trip is in no way based on "The Long Way Round" which the authors of the trip were not aware and nor was it first broadcast of at the time at which this trip was drunkenly conceived. The authors of this trip would like to distinguish their intended trip from the journey undertaken in "The Long Way Round" in that unlike Charlie Borman and Ewan McGregor they are not experienced riders (they have both only been riding motorbikes for just over one year), they are not receiving sponsorship and they will not have a support crew with them at any point on the journey. Just to avoid any further confusion it has been thought that it would be helpful to point out that Tom Horovitch and Peter Caley are both fictional characters and are not famous film stars.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Road from Bergen to Trondheim, via Lustrafjorden

A fiord, Norway

We are camped at the moment next to a fjord which according to the map is called Lustrafjorden. We left Bergen this morning and, after a few easily solved problems with Tom’s front head light bulb (the bulb blew just as we were about to leave and the spare bulbs he had brought with him had a lifespan of seconds), we took the E16 to Voss and then Road 13 in the direction of Hermansverk. A short ferry crossing took us over the impressive Lustrafjorden and after perhaps an hour’s ride we stopped at this campsite. The campsite has a number of (at the moment unoccupied) cabins which and Tom has opted to sleep in one of these and hope the owner doesn’t find out. The campsite owner didn’t suspect a thing when he saw that we were camping here and so, while we feel a bit bad about being so flexible with the truth, what he doesn’t know won’t hurt him! It is incredibly peaceful here and, although we are right next to the road, all we can really hear are the waters of the fjord lapping the shoreline and the muffled thunder of a waterfall on the other side of the fjord.
Peter rows to the waterfall, Norway
Peter rows to the waterfall
We left this campsite just before twelve after taking out one of the small rowing boats we assumed were available for use by people staying at the campsite. Tom wanted to row to other side to see how people lived on the other side of the fjord. However, less than half way across we gave up and rowed back – the distance to the other side was greater than we had thought and we lacked the requisite degree of athleticism needed to make it. The ride from Lustrajorden to Trondheim was incredibly demanding. The countryside was (as always!) spectacular and when we joined the Sognefjellet Road this took us up to near Sognefjell, one of Norway’s highest moutains.
Sheep take an interest in the bikes, Norway
Friendly sheep take an interest in the bikes
This road is (according to the guide book anyway) described as the “road over the roof of Norway” and takes you to a height of 1434 metres. It was built in 1939 by unemployed young people and presumably served to connect Bergen with Trondheim.

Written by Peter


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